Signs of Safety Partner Briefing Sessions

Signs of Safety Partner Briefing Sessions:

Together for Children (TfC) has adopted Signs of Safety as their overarching practice framework for all of its work with children and their families from Early Help, Child Protection, Cared for Children and Fostering and Adoption.

Signs of Safety is a strength and question-based approach to working with children, young people, their families and networks. It aims to 'build up' families, children and young people and we work with them by acknowledging what is going well in terms of strengths, keeping a clear focus on what we are worried about for children and young people’s safety and what needs to happen to manage these worries.  Clear, jargon free language is used for everyone to understand clearly the risks, and the plan to manage this.

The aim is to help workers build partnerships with children, young people, their parents/carers and wider network by using a strengths-based and safety-focused questioning approach that is grounded in working alongside families and building relationships.  It moves away from the 'telling' approach, so that we support people to create their own safety and safety plans. 

The Signs of Safety framework allows workers to slow down their thinking, critically analyse the information gathered about a child/young person and their family/carer to greater understand what is happening and what needs to happen so that the child/young person is safe and we measure the progress of this along the way. ​We do this through the use of Danger Statements, Safety Goals and Scaling Questions, that are specific to the child/young person and understood by everyone  working with them.

We also apply this to our work in Early Help, by using Signs of Wellbeing and within Cared for Children and Young People, by using Signs of Success, again following the strength based questioning approach and use of Wellbeing and Success Goals and Worry Statements.

As part of our commitment to the best outcomes for children and young people, Together for Children and Sunderland Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) are committed to work with all staff and key partners to receive Signs of Safety training. Each Partner Briefing Session will last for 90minutes and will provide you with an overview of the model, along demonstrating some of the tools that will be used in our work using Signs of Safety.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact  Natalie Hall- Signs of Safety Team Manager at  or  SSCP Business Unit at

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Signs of Safety Briefing sessions are available for SSCP Partners as follows:

Signs of Safety Briefing sessions are available via teams until further notice. An electronic invite will be sent to your email within one week prior to the event which will include joining instructions.


November 2021

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
26/11/2021 09:30-11:00 1 Day Teams or Zoom Online Training 16 Book

December 2021

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
20/12/2021 09:30-11:00 1 Day Teams or Zoom Online Training 25 Book